What's Going On?
On this page you will find out what exciting things are happening within our little shop

Our Wonderful Window

Over the years, we have tried our very best to keep our
shop windows looking up to date and relavent with the products and events.

Thoughtout the years we feel that we have perfected the art of designing our shop windows.

Even though it is not some peoples favourite job and try and hide from doing it.

Others may enjoy it.

Like all good ideas it starts with a simple thought.   

​​   Then with alot of deliberation
         (and a bit of fun) .......... 

........ and don't forget a cup of tea .........  

............. and a check once over.

The window is done

As you can see we our very proud of our window displays.

Over the last few years we have been very fortunate to win a few window compitions.